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"Simply wonderful! The stories are such a great mix of haunting, funny, silly, and sweet. Keep them coming!"

- Osika521

"So lovely! I’m engrossed in this podcast! It’s so well structured and they are really artful storytellers."

- meaganlane

"Such a fresh and unique podcast. I've not found anything like it before."

- Mark


The Three Ravens is an English myth and folklore podcast hosted by Eleanor Conlon and Martin Vaux.

Each weekly episode focuses on one of England's 39 historic counties, exploring the history, folklore and traditions of the area, from ghosts and mermaids to mythical monsters, half-forgotten heroes, bloody legends, and much, much more.

Then, and most importantly, we take turns to tell a new version of an ancient story from that county - all before discussing what that tale might mean, where it might have come from, and the truths it reveals about England's hidden past...

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...and Bonus Series!


...on Spotify!

"Be prepared to be carried away from your troubles! May you be as content to curl up by the fire with a cup of tea and binge this podcast all day as I am."

- BakingMamaof3

"I am so glad I found this podcast. It is the perfect blend of history, folklore and storytelling."

- JosieSmelko

"Three Ravens makes the world a better place and I am beyond grateful."

- I Am Nelly


Our Bonus Episodes are released on Thursdays (Magic and Medicines about folk remedies and arcane spells, Three Ravens Bestiary about cryptids and mythical creatures, Dying Arts about endangered heritage crafts, and Something Wicked about folkloric true crimes from across history).

Plus, starting April 2024, we've launched a new Bonus Series: Local Legends.


Released on Saturdays, each episode is an interview with an acclaimed folklorist, author, podcaster or historian, deepening discussions into that week's county.

Why Join our Patreon?

All mainline and bonus Three Ravens episodes are available for free (with ads) on all good podcast services - but joining our Patreon unlocks a tonne of great stuff!

In addition to supporting us and unlocking ad free listening and a shout out on the podcast, this includes:

  • A copy of the Three Ravens Newsletter on the first of each month, packed with folk customs for the month, cultural recommendations, a new Tarot spread, Celtic Tree and Zodiac information, a magic spell to try, and more!

  • Monthly Patreon exclusive episodes, such such audio ghost tours of spooky places, deep dives into particular topics, Seasonal Specials, and original (and longer) stories!

  • Episodes of the Three Ravens Film Club, a series where, every month, we review a cult folk horror film from across the decades!

  • Monday episodes two days early!

  • Our stories as text versions!

  • The chance to suggest and vote on choices for Three Ravens Book Club!

  • Access to special Patreon Live Streams!

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